Thursday, December 11, 2008

Turn back the clock......If only I could

I miss everything, even more on a sleepless night.

I miss chasing stars with my friends.

I miss celebrating festivals with everyone.

I miss being childish.

I miss our school days (And dumb haircuts).

I miss outings.

I miss graduation.

I miss all the photos I've lost......

I miss everyone......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jogging, Swimming, 'Trying' to refrain from supper~

The latter two, are easier to implement.

As for the last......

Let's just say that it's asking the near impossible for the self proclaimed "Burger King" to keep from indulging in his nightly endeavours~

Why all the hassle?

Let's just say that I don't want to see China appearing on my belly anytime soon.
At the growing rate that my appetite has been growing, exercise is the no. 1 priority on my list.

Which brings me to the topic of today's post~

Where to jog?

You don't see me asking where to swim, cuz it's a given that the only pool I have freely available to me is downstairs, below my apartment.

The question of where to jog however, is a very good one.

I generally have 3 choices.

A. Jog out from my place and roam freely.

Advantages : No fixed track, less psychological indication of fatigue, exploration.
Disadvantages : Traffic smoke, bad terrain, and I've almost fully explored the surrounding area.

B. Jog at SS2 park.

Advantages : Even terrain, little to no smoke pollution
Disadvantages : Fixed track, slight travel time to reach, distractions.

C. Jog at Taman Tun park.

Advantages : Beautiful environment, large open area, old times.
Disadvantage : Far! Far! Far!

Hmm, let's see.

I've basically already weeded out the first option.
Exploration jogging getting monotonous when you do it alone.
2nd option is the one I've been employing of late, while I'm seriously considering early morning jogs at Taman Tun once I figure out exactly how to get to the park.

Health conciousness is a pain, but at least it's better than slacking around all day.

Random post over, now to ponder whether to sleep......

In dreams I hold dear, my wishes for past, present and future......

Friday, December 5, 2008

Continuity sets in......

So far, there is only one thing I can't stand bout my life, the continuity of repeating.

Doing the same things everyday, without change in schedule, without new direction.

Boredom sets in together with continuity.

I don't want everything to repeat itself.
I want things to be new everyday!

I want the world to change, I want to live in a parallel universe!

I am randomly ranting......

Saturday, August 9, 2008

And the Olympics begin~

Random rant~

The Olympic torch looks fake, the flame went out and came back on while the guy was walking on the roof level banners of the stadium~ =P

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lazy weekend

The Mummy!
Back in PRC mode~

For the uninitiated, PRC = People's Republic China.

That's right, for this installment of the popular series we get to see the treasure hunters ravage the ancient streets of China.

Raise an ancient tyrant,
Fight alongside Yetis in the Himalayas,
Watch a mummy become immortal,
Battle with one of the most famous armies of all time~

All part of a day's work for the O'Connell family.

New faces, old jokes~

Not bad for the 3rd installment of a beat to death concept.

But I digress, this post is supposed to be about how lazy weekends are.
That and I steadily feel myself falling into despair.

The kind where you want to do everything, but end up doing nothing.
Where you know exactly what you want, but know that it is also what you cannot have.

Time is the only thing that is constant,
everything else just fades forevermore......

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dark Knight

He is the hero that Gotham deserves,
but he is not the hero that Gotham needs now.

The white knight has fallen,
in his place, the dark knight shall stand once more.

The never ending joke on humanity,
is that without evil, there is no good.

Light and darkness are but two side of a coin,
between one and another, is but chance and destiny.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lights! Camera! Andddddd Action!

Man I'm tired.

Been out whole day helping my neighbour and her tutorial groupmates doing none other than

*Dum dum dum drumrolls~*


For some reason unbeknown to me, I was approached to be the male lead for a short film that will be presented as an assignment for one of the subjects in their course.

I didn't even have any idea I was supposed to be the lead, until I had the actual script sitting in my hands....... and the rest, is history.

The basic gist of my role?

Small time gangster/killer under the employment of a loan shark who sends me to find and kill a girl named Jade, whom I'm supposed to flush out by getting close to her sister Kim~

Simple enough, but wait!

The plot as they say, thickens~

The story has me(John) being portrayed as Kim's loving boyfriend who is at first semi reluctant on the idea of offing his girlfriend's twin sister, until he finds out the numerous threatening letters he's been receiving have to do with the high and doped sister. In the final scene where he confronts Jade.......

Surprise surprise,

Jade and Kim are actually one and the same~

Turns out that Kim wanted revenge for John raping Kim years back, destroying her life and turning her to the desolate life of drugs and alcohol.

I think it's sufficient enough to tell you that I'll be doing the *I'm gonna be murdered* sometime either tomorrow or the day after that.

You can guess how the story ends~


Anyways, turns out filming in itself is quite a feat.

First there's the makeup involved before you can even start rolling any tape.
Thankfully, I even had my own personal *cough cough hot cough cough* makeup artist to apply whatever it is that's needed to make my lame face look photogenic.
Then I got my personal hairstylist who not only styles my hair, but also gives me advice on how to keep it looking that way in the event of his absence. =P

Let's not forget the witty and interesting female lead actor, Rachel, who for some reason, just can't stop looking at the camera lens. ^^

Then we have our cameramen(or women) who spends eons, meticulously positioning the camera for a few seconds of short footage.

You'd never guess it takes an hour to get less than a minutes worth of footage, or maybe you already knew that, and I'm the only one who was mildly surprised at how things works.


My bedbug is biting me hard on the toe and demanding I hit the sack, so I'll be the slacker I am and save the rest for next time.